How do £100 Gfx cards compare to GF3 Ti 200?

  The Rep 12:03 02 Jan 04

Hello can anyone give me some solid advice? I would like to know, which new Gfx card will give me the best performance compared to my GF3 Ti 200.
My MoBo is a 4X AGP P4S5A with 2.4Ghz P4.

Any advice appreciated.

  The Rep 12:09 02 Jan 04

PS. price limit needs to be in and around £100 plus VAT...

Have a look on Toms Hardware Guide - they have just done an article comparing loads of graphics cards with the specific aim of finding the best card per £.

click here

  rickf 14:08 02 Jan 04

No comparison, not like for like, The gfx are far more superior than the ti200. More of a comparison if you were using say a Geforce 4 ti4200 onwards.

  duckers 16:53 02 Jan 04

I think at the moment the ATI radeon based cards are teh best bet,, go for a 9600 pro or something similar.. the price in your range and are pretty good cards.
Have a look at ebuyer or komplett for some good deals.

  DAG88 01:31 03 Jan 04

Radeon 9600 XT £100 (£120 inc VAT)

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  bremner 08:23 03 Jan 04

I upgraded from a GF3 Ti 200 to a Radeon 9500 Pro about six months ago.

The really is no comparison.

On 3D Mark 2001 test alone the Radeon scored nearly double what the GF3 had. 10500 against 6000.

  The Rep 16:30 03 Jan 04

Many thanks all.
Seems that the upgrade may be worthwhile, now only need to decide which way to go... Nvidia or Radeon..
Any advice ?

  bremner 16:38 03 Jan 04

If you can stretch to £120 then the Radeon 9600XT 128MB card wins in the majority of reviews in that price range.

See these two reports from Toms Hardware

click here

click here

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