How are you getting on with the Palm M130?

  KY 10:52 28 Jul 03

I am considering buying the above since looking at PCAdvisor's reviews - has anyone got one and have they had any probs, are they limited in any way? I can't afford a big expensive one like the Tungsten.

  mole44 20:19 29 Jul 03

i have a palm100 there brilliant,better than sliced bread.i recently changed batteries wham all data went just plugged into pc and reloaded all could say i recomend them

  simon1003 14:23 30 Jul 03

If you have £200 to spend then you can get a Palm Zire 71 from PC World for £199, Sony make 2 very good clies for under £200 - the SJ22 and the SJ33, both have hiRes 320x320 colour screens, rechargable, use Palm 4.1. The SJ33 also comes with a built in MP3 player.
The M130 is verging on the obsolete.

  chrishillcoat 22:13 30 Jul 03

Get Windows. You'll appreciate the synchronistaion abilities :-)

I had an iPaq for a while (3850) but decided to sell it as I didn't use it enough to justify it.

A friend of mine with a Sony finds it hard to get documents, internet etc on his Clié whereas with Windows everything will just 'work' ;-)


  simon1003 07:24 31 Jul 03

chrishillcoat, tell your friend that if he wants to read excel, word or powerpoint documents on his palm pda then he needs a product called Documents to Go.
The internet is as simple to get on a Clie as on a pocketPC, just need the right hardware.

  KY 10:08 31 Jul 03

Can anyone explain why the M130 is on PC Advisor's recommended list if it is obsolete? I'm confused.

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