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  lisa02 15:22 07 Feb 07

I'm absolutely tired of these people. 3 days I have sat in waiting on a delivery... They keep telling me "it's on the van for delivery today".

The company I bought from asked me to contact them. I phoned them and apparently HDN couldn't deliver and the reason code was *other*, they said they'd email HDN to find out what's going on.

If this persists I'm sending it back when it gets here - canceling it. I know it's not the supplier's fault but it's the point of it.

The end.

  spuds 15:35 07 Feb 07

I think that you will find that HDN have annoyed a number of people within the forum. So on that basis,you are not the first and I doubt if you will be the last.

*other* could well mean that the driver couldn't find your address, or it wasn't even put on the van ;o(

  lisa02 15:32 12 Feb 07

I haven't been online in a while... sorry.

Another day passed with more aggro on the phone and the supervisor passed it to a manager who promised the world. It arrived at 6pm on the fourth day.

  terryf 15:35 12 Feb 07

Email the supplier and say that you won't buy from them any more if they use that carrier

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