High Street Bargains

  Covergirl 12:40 28 Mar 07

25 Samsung CD-R's for £1.99. This is a good deal working out at just under 8p per CD-R.

I've no connection with them, but they're at S*p*rdr*g

Also, Integral 1GB SD cards for £11.99 at HMV

Nearly internet prices or what ?

Anyone spotted any more IT high street bargains

  Totally-braindead 13:05 28 Mar 07

Disks are pretty good at that price, providing they are good disks but the SD card is rather dear, Choice for example sell Kingston 1 gig SD cards for £6.75 and the super fast SD cards for £9.45. That includes postage and theres others as well.

  spuds 14:31 28 Mar 07

Like all high street bargains, it pays to shop around. A bargain today, is not necessarily a bargain tomorrow.

  Covergirl 14:38 28 Mar 07

Is Choice on the "high street" or internet ? ie can I go into a shop somewhere ?

  Stuartli 15:33 28 Mar 07

Cheapest is:

click here=

but you do have to add delivery. The more you order the better the delivery cost value.

But I remember paying £25 to Dabs about five years ago for just 64MB of MultiMedia Card memory...:-(

  Totally-braindead 15:49 28 Mar 07

The Choice I refer to is Choice Stationery click here and all prices include delivery. Choice is online only.

  spuds 15:52 28 Mar 07

Choice are on the internet click here but it would appear as though they have just transferred their business to one of the Channel Isle for Vat saving reasons. According to other forum members remarks, it would appear as though the seventeen and half percent UK vat rate reduction as not been passed down to the customer.

  Stuartli 17:01 28 Mar 07

It would probably only be up to a total order value of £18 in any case, as with 7DayShop.

  georgemac © 17:33 28 Mar 07

bags of multi purpose compost - 12p each in store at tesco yesterday, tesco have had lots of end of line reductions on garden products

pathclear weed killer was around 69p for a big box

  choicestationery 17:49 28 Mar 07


Thought I would just add a reply to this.

I am the Chairman of Choice Media Group, which owns Choice Stationery Supplies.

Yes we do have a warehouse in Jersey now which allows us to offer items under £17.99 VAT free.

We have started offering these savings direct to customers and have so far reduced the majority of our inkjet cartridges etc.

DVD and CD are the next range to change, so stand by for some really good offers next week.

Unfortunately I can not put them on here as I will get told of by the forum for advertising.

So, please bear with us and you will notice some good prices and as usual free delivery.

If you have any concerns you can always email me directly

[email protected]


Paul Andrews

  Covergirl 20:40 28 Mar 07

Yes, I agree, there are some absolutely cracking rock bottom prices on the internet, but let's get back to the high street - ie the one that you and I walk down now and again. Physical sight and touchy feely can sort out good / poor quality.

I see Poundland has a 4 port usb hub and a usb SD card reader for (yes, you guessed it) a £1 each. I'm not sure whether the usb hub is usb 1 or 2. The card reader was a bit funny when I tried to copy across multiple files but it worked with one single file yesterday.

And I got a DAB/FM Clock Radio Alarm from S*p*rdr*g just after christmas for £15. Cracking apart from not much DAB reception up here at the moment.

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