high cost phone connection for broadband

  sunny staines 10:15 12 May 07

my daughter lives in a new build flat which has a built in phone line but never been connected. she is looking aound for an isp to supply broadband but they are all telling her to go to bt first to get the line connected. bt want to charge £128 for this even though the line is in place.

anyone know of any isp doing a free or cheeper connection charge please.

  Forum Editor 10:17 12 May 07

to get the phone line connected first because they can't provide her with an ADSL service until she does.

  sunny staines 10:45 12 May 07

fe i was hoping to find some isp's that also provide a phone service as part of the package. the nearest deal is bulldog but they want £99 to connect the line.

  Forum Editor 11:01 12 May 07

As you'll appreciate, all ADSL telephone lines are ultimately connected to BT exchanges, regardless of who provides the service.

  sunny staines 11:11 12 May 07

fe i agree. i am hoping someone might come up with an isp that may be running a good deal including a phone line,a bit a longshot from the start but worth a try as my daughter is on a tight budget and was not expecting such a high connection charge.

  spuds 13:02 12 May 07

Is the block of flats connected to a cable ISP. If so, perhaps a solution there ?.

  SpookTheBlackCat 14:40 12 May 07

I do sympathise with you on this one, but although the line was "already installed " in the flat, I would guess, as is always the case, that BT paid to do this.........

  sunny staines 15:08 12 May 07

the flats have cable as an option is cable tv. but when entering the post code on the web it refers to bt re a phone line. not sure which cable company she looked up but i presume it was telewest or blueyonder.

  pj123 16:18 12 May 07

If the flats are cabled for TV then they are also cabled for telephone. I think telewest and blueyonder went to NTL which is now Virgin Media.

Try the postcode here:

click here

  sunny staines 16:56 12 May 07

just tried that one for her, must have been the same one. it came back can only supply cable tv, all other services need a bt phone line.

i thought fibre optic was the way forward, not so in the ashford middx area..
pj thanks for the repy got any more tips.

  pj123 18:23 12 May 07

What is the Postcode?

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