Hi-MD discs [ Sony ] - stability ?

  frazky 00:08 17 Jan 04

These discs are out in April...

1 GB disc... does anyone know how stable the data is on them- are the optico-magnetic devices ?
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  frazky 19:45 17 Jan 04


  frazky 19:45 17 Jan 04


  frazky 18:56 18 Jan 04

does anyone want me to find out and get back to you.??thanx for your interest :¬\

  accord 21:09 18 Jan 04

the real disapoointment regarding MD is that Sony never enabled them to receive data in the first place.

I think it may be a case of 'too late mate, you've missed the boat'

  frazky 22:17 18 Jan 04

quote"These can be transferred to a PC via a USB cable, which will also power the player.cost about £4 each..Player costs £120.. "

(yes I agree with you about 'too late')-- But- compare this price to external present CDburner and CD-- it may be worth it if the Stability is lifetime as magneto-optic storage has been validated (Banks use these storage media-systems for data storage but they cost £100's)
maybe the lay person can afford this now for sentimental/valuable family photos etc etc.
What do y'all think?

  josie mayhem 23:07 18 Jan 04

I should imagine that it has avantages and disavantages like everything.

I suspect that the disk it self will not be effected so much by scratches, corrupting the data, when it is being read. But I suspect that when it comes to magnetic fields, this could still cause corruption of any data it contained.

So if you like playing freesbies, and toss your disk around then this might be just be the thing. But if you have a lot of those health magnets around your person, prehaps some thought might have to go into it.

Mind you I might be totaly wrong, the assumption of the above statement is based on magneto-optical using magetisum and an optical lazer to magnetise the data onto the disk.

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