Hewlett Packard misrepresenation?

  opiod 17:35 15 Jul 04

This is about HP 550 Pavillion Desktop.
The advertising, the box, support etc all advertise the product as having 512MB of 400 MHz RAM.
Am I naive in expecting it to run at that speed?
So, when I contacted HP to ask about a RAM upgrade they advised PC3200 (400MHz).
I duly bought and installed PC3200
To my surprise, the BIOS reports that all my RAM is PC2100 (266MHz).
Hp say...well, they do clock things down to match the motherboard!
My point: Why advertise it as 400MHz? Why pay 400MHz prices when you get 266MHz speed?
I am awaitng a response from an HP executive.
Anyone else had the same expereince?

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