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  consumerhelp 14:36 01 Sep 03

Hi there,

I'm PC Advisor's new ConsumerWatch bod, here to help you whenever I can and to bring your issues to the magazine's readers when we think it will help them.

You can email me with queries or stories whenever you like, though I would always advise you to post them on the forum as well, as the collective wisdom of the site users is nothing short of spectacular.

I may also at times ask you for your help, especially information about products or companies we're interested in (in fact there's a thread starting soon in which I'm doing just that).

The aim of the forum is for us to help eachother out - we're all fairly small in comparison with the towering corporate beasts we deal with when we get involved with the computer market. So I look forward to helping you out, and hearing about your trials and triumphs in PC land.



  Peverelli 11:22 04 Sep 03

Uhm. Where have all the postings on this thread gone? We were only asking if this is a genuine PCA thing and not a spoof thread by a user calling him/herself 'consumerhelp'. A short reply from the FE or Guy would have sufficed (or a reply to the message I sent to the moderator).

If it IS genuine, then good luck with the new venture.

  PC Advisor. 11:23 04 Sep 03

Hi folks,

Thought we'd give you a bit of further explanation here. As part of PC Advisor 100th issue celebrations (November cover issue), we're ramping up our coverage of consumerwatch issues still further.

'consumerhelp' has a fierce reputation as a campaigning journalist and will be closely monitoring this forum, along with Forum Editor and myself.

As 'consumerhelp' says, posting publicly is best for everyone - a problem shared is a problem halved. But if you'd prefer direct, confidential contact, feel free to drop 'conmsumerhelp' an email.

Guy (Online Editor)

  Peverelli 11:26 04 Sep 03

Thanks Guy. More power to the consumer can only be a good thing!

  tbh72 11:48 04 Sep 03

Can I suggest consumerhelp changes their name to Consumer Help. This would keep within the current expectation's of the members eg

PC Advisor

Forum Editor


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