Help to pick a laptop

  templar54 18:10 PM 16 Jul 13

I have 2 choices from what I found in my countries shops. Which one sohuld I choose. ACER V3-571 / 15.6"" / i5-3230M / 6GB / 750GB(5400rpm) / GeForce® GT730M 2GB or
ASUS A55VJ / i7-3630QM / 6GB / 750GB(7200rpm)/ GeForce GT 635M

Primary use is playing games.

First one is considerably cheaper(for me), but I can affor the second one too. Now the problem is that the first one has i5 but gt730m, while second one has i7 but gt635m. The most annoing thing is that I cannot afford the one with i7 and a better graphics card, it is just over my budget. I can spend about 666(dat number) Euros, maybe buying from another counrty would be cheaper since I heard that prices are really inflated in Lithuania and it is cheaper to buy from another country and pay the shipping price.

So which one is a better option or maybe it is best to buy somewhere else?

  chub_tor 20:42 PM 17 Jul 13

You should really wait until you can afford the i7 and the gt730m but if you need to buy now then get the i5 as for gaming graphics are more important than processor speed. That's my opinion.

  Nontek 19:50 PM 18 Jul 13

I second chub_tor's advice!

  HondaMan 14:06 PM 02 Aug 13

Have a look at and also MorganComputers


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