Help obtaining a refund

  -Bry- 17:16 18 Oct 06

Hi, i ordered a: LaCie 500GB LaCie BIG DISK External


click here

on 21st of August for £159.57.

This was shown as in stock on their site. After a week of not hearing anything i asked for a refund via email. Two days go by and i hear nothing.
So i phone them up and they cancel my order and say they will refund me (my money had been taken out immediately after ordering.) A few days go by and i do not see my money so i send in a support request and again they say they will refund me but, nothing happens.
It is now almost two months later, i have sent 2 emails, 6 support requests,2 phone calls and 1 recorded letter. All of which have either been ignored or promised to be refunded immediately.

Is there any way of obtaining my money without going through the small claims court? As i don't want to go through the hassle or expense of simply getting a refund which i am owed.

Many Thanks for your time in reading this, one very angry customer :(

  g0nvs 17:20 18 Oct 06

Did you paid with a credit card ? If so then get in contact with your card provider.

  -Bry- 17:23 18 Oct 06

No, i paid via a debit card unfortunately and as far as im aware you don't have the same protection with a debit card as you do with a credit card.

  sean-278262 17:25 18 Oct 06

Have you written to them stating you are considering taking them to the SCC and that they have 14 days from receipt of the letter to refund you? Send it registered again and that should sort it out.

  -Bry- 17:27 18 Oct 06

Yes thats what i sent in my recorded delivery letter. Today is the 15th day since i sent the letter. I fear i am out of options.

  Stuartli 17:34 18 Oct 06

>>paid via a debit card unfortunately >>

Your bank should still be able to help you, either on a safe Internet buying policy or, if you have a Visa debit card, in a manner similar to that for a credit card (that's the case, at least, with the Halifax).

  -Bry- 17:37 18 Oct 06

I used a maestro debit card(currently with natwest), i'm not sure if they have a policy like that. But, i will have a look. Thanks

  spuds 18:57 18 Oct 06

click here and/or a polite letter stating that you will give them 10/14 days in which to reply and return your money. After that time you will commence court proceedings and apply for 'all' costs against the company. Address the letter (recorded) to the company secretary or managing director.

  spuds 18:58 18 Oct 06

Whoops,link incorrect try click here

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