help choosing my first laptop

  gerbersau 14:01 08 Aug 04

have up to £1000 to spend. Spec: 15" TFT, Intel Pent 4 2.8, 512MB Ram, 40 Gb Hard drive, DVD-Rw; must be able to play DVD's thu Tv. I am considering: AJP D410u, Novatech Performer XL P4, Dell and Toshiba Satellites. But I know little about AJP company or Novatech. Do they build reilable notebooks? Are they good companies to deal with. I have a Dell desktop but would like to try someone else. Help most appreciated.

  flubberjack 14:39 08 Aug 04

Hi there,
In my opinion Dell and Evesham do very high-quality notebooks (that's not to say AJP do not, I have never used them :-)) and their prices are quite competitive.

click here - Dell are doing a special offer on this notebook and are also including free delivery, take a look. It does not include a DVD-RW though. However, to be honest - I do not think you would be able to get a decent DVD-RW on a laptop with your budget.

click here - This is a brand new Pentium 4 laptop from Evesham that is yet to be launched, one to watch out for.

  livewire 14:42 08 Aug 04

I have to agree Dell and Evesham do really good laptop deals and make them at high quality.

The Dell Inspiron range is a good choice as is the Evesham Voyager range.

What exactly are you using your laptop for?

  gerbersau 16:31 08 Aug 04

I am using laptop for school and home. Wprdprocessing, photos, educational programmes and games; running DVD's through TV and whiteboard at school. I really wanted to know what you experts thought of Novatech and AJP companies. I know dell are good; we use Dell at school in ICT suite. But what about these smaller companies? They seem good specs but do they build reliable laptops?

  mikef. 19:41 08 Aug 04

I have a Novatech laptop and all I can say is it's a great machine for a great price with tip top service from Novatech, who have a very good reputation

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