Help with choosing a good pc for graphic design

  erkmatrix 20:42 26 Mar 06

Hi I'm after some advice on what machine to go for graphic design. I want a pc not a mac though as all my current software is for a PC. Buget is about £1600 max. What happened to the old review section with the top chart, I used to always rely on that. Is there anywhere else with a top ten or 5 on the market for me to check out the spec for the most suitable for art. I won't be using it for games so its mainly just for running photoshop and corel painter.

Any advice would be greatfully appreciated.


  Totally-braindead 20:51 26 Mar 06

Its not been put back on the website, if you want to see the Top 10 you'll have to buy the magazine.

  ade.h 21:38 26 Mar 06

So not so much about a bells and whistles graphics card, more about lots of RAM (fast stuff preferred) and a decent CPU.

So I would plump for anything with a Pentium D (great number cruncher) and dual-channel DDR2 with a decent clock speed. Plus a decent monitor - large with high res and very good image quality.

There should be a plethora of such machines in your budget, though an original-spec screen might need an upgrade. Your budget would buy that sort of spec in a base unit, plus a seperate screen of your choice, with change to spare.

As to where to go; not sure. There's a lot of choice out there.

  wee eddie 17:20 27 Mar 06

To consider 2 Screens.

One to display the whole object and a second so that you can work on the detail in a magnified view.

  erkmatrix 21:51 27 Mar 06

Are there any good dual monitors that you recommend, I've configured a decent base unit over at Evesham which should do for the machine.


  ade.h 22:01 27 Mar 06

You'll need to make sure that you spec a graphics card that can output to two monitors at once. Some nVidia models use something called Twinview, for example.

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