Help in choosing computer for uni!

  sags_3 19:44 01 Mar 06

Hi, Im going to uni in a few months and want to buy a new computer soon for then. Not sure which company to go for theres so many to choose from and any specific computers that would fit what i need:

Need PC for internet, dvds, listening to music, word processing, some audio editing, storing digital photos and other tasks. No games!!!

Budget = £550 max

Looking for a computer with at least:

512Mb RAM
80Gb + Hard drive
TFT screen(though could buy seperate if base unit is cheaper)
Any version of windows xp
Not sure about processors!!! A fast one would be nice!!!!! Ive been told to stay away from celerons and not happy wth my current celeron computer so AMD or pentium preffered.

Thanks for your help!

  Totally-braindead 20:01 01 Mar 06

From your budget do you need a printer as well and are you considering a desktop or a laptop?

  wjrt 20:01 01 Mar 06

unis have links with companies so maybe u should get info from it at your uni and see if any preferential terms available . if u hang on someone else may have better info about this

  sags_3 20:43 01 Mar 06

Looking for either, but having a little look around the desktops seem to have a better spec than the laptops so im thinking I might be better off with a desktop.
A printer would be helpful, but not essential.
Cant wait till i go to uni, really need a second computer at home we only have the one between 6 people so hoping to get one around easter time.

  Forum Editor 21:14 01 Mar 06

Actually I think you would be better off with a lapptop.

All three of my children took computers to uni, one (my eldest daughter) had a desktop, and based on her experience I gave the other two laptops. A laptop is easier to carry around, and you'll find that an advantage at university. It will also be handy when you go home for the holidays, you can just carry it in a bag on your shoulder.

Your budget is tight - what course are you doing at university?

  Dellman 21:16 01 Mar 06

Dell are doing some nice offers..

  sags_3 21:20 01 Mar 06

Im doing dentistry, going to be in lectures 9-5 most days!!!AARRRRGGHHHH
I would like to get a laptop, but comparing the specs the processor speeds seem to be significantly lower. Eg for around £500-£600 a desktop might have 3 GHZ whereas the laptop will only have 1.5 GHZ.
Will this make much difference?
Theres also the limited space but i can find ways getting around that.
Will be in London, any increased risk of it being stolen????

  Hertz Van Rentyl 21:38 01 Mar 06

Loads of laptops are stolen at Uni due to their portability.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 21:40 01 Mar 06

Its a down in the mouth job is Dentistry you know.

  sags_3 21:44 01 Mar 06

Down in the mouth? Yes the treatment is in the mouth but i'll still need a latop/desktop for the first 2 years of theory and then for use for the other theory lectures for the remaining 3 years.

Any laptops you can recommend? Most in my budget seem to have 256 RAM only, not sure thats enough.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 22:02 01 Mar 06

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