Hello there

  gengiscant 18:03 PM 17 Oct 11

Flogged some scrap gold and with the rather large some of cash I received bought myself an IPad so am trying out various forums on it.

  Woolwell 18:41 PM 17 Oct 11


  HondaMan 19:20 PM 17 Oct 11

Do let us know how you get on. I'm thinking of buying one, but don't want to experiment with my own dosh!

  flycatcher1 19:24 PM 17 Oct 11

Love mine. Bought it following FE's drooling over his.

  gengiscant 19:36 PM 17 Oct 11

Now I suppose I will have to spend more money on a smart case and screen protector and of course a docking station.

Don't you just love modern technology with all the ad dons one must buy, perhaps not must buy,but I think you get the idea.

  Woolwell 19:47 PM 17 Oct 11

I don't have a docking station and don't miss it. A smart cover is essential though. I also bought a Hypershield cover for the back. haven't got screen protectors but do have to clean it from time to time.

However Angry Birds is a big time waster!

  wiz-king 19:59 PM 17 Oct 11

Aye Aye Sir all received.

  Aitchbee 21:42 PM 17 Oct 11

I carry all my gold ('bout a grand's worth) around with me, all the time, in my mouth,...I bought it off a dentist!

  Forum Editor 23:00 PM 17 Oct 11

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