yahwob 09:22 19 Sep 06

Not sure if this is the right forum for this but anyone got any suggestions for a good pair of headphones for my PC, around the £50.00 mark I guess.

Many thanks

  spuds 10:35 19 Sep 06

"Around the £50.00 mark", now you are asking for quality. Personally, I use a pair of old Sanyo PH90's, which cost about £12.00 or less from Curry's. Superb piece of kit.

  SANTOS7 10:45 19 Sep 06

click here
never mind the cheapo stuff, get some of these!!!

have to agree with spuds you don't need to spend quite that much to get sound quality, the KOSS headphones from the link for about 20 quid are tidy.
I'de buy them....

  Stuartli 10:54 19 Sep 06

Don't know what they sound like (no pun intended), but these reduced price wireless headphones are only £8.99:

click here

  Stuartli 10:54 19 Sep 06

Seinheisser is always a good bet for headphones whatever the price range.

  leo49 12:39 19 Sep 06

I use BEYER DT-250 for audio editing - you can get them at around the £75 mark if you shop around. These and cheaper alternatives available here:

click here

  kdt 22:05 21 Sep 06

i paid £10 for webcamera/headphones from asda

  terryf 22:06 21 Sep 06

Depending on your age, the higher and lower sensitivity falls off so you may not need high quality

  sean-278262 23:42 21 Sep 06

Depends what headphones you are after. Some like buds. I prefer IEMs and others like sealed or standard phones.

click here

Take a look here at the images gives you an idea to what people may like. For someone like myself it is almost an insult to be told a £10 set will suffice. While yes for a few minutes listening to youtube rubbish will suffice. But I cannot stand to listen to my music with a rubbishy pair.

It really depends how highly you rate your hearing.

  wolfie3000 00:09 22 Sep 06

These i use for lengthy gaming sessions at night they are absolutly fantastic.

click here

In budget too just :)

  wolfie3000 00:12 22 Sep 06

Sorry this might be more helpfull.
Its been a long evening lol

click here

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