HDMI In/out on TV recorders/ DVD players

  mbc 18:57 05 Jan 15

All recorders/players have a HDMI out port, but none have an in port (not that this is a technical problem, but one of copyright protection). So anything I record can only be done via a scart cable or other system, with a resultant loss of quality. I have heard a rumour that a manufacturer has now produced a machine with in/out capability. Anyone have any knowledge of this?

  john bunyan 20:53 05 Jan 15

On my LG Smart TV the only marked "Out" sockets are a headphone socket and an optical one - The HDMI's are marked "IN" -one HDMI is marked HDMI (ACC). On an older Pioneer TV there are a number of "Out" sockets including phono red & white etc. I found this out after buying a sound bar that came only with a phono cable and had to buy an optical one.

  john bunyan 11:02 06 Jan 15


My "point" was to ask if the HDMI sockets on my LG TV which are marked "In" , can be used in both directions - eg sound to a soundbar or amplifier?

  mbc 17:16 06 Jan 15


Spot on. The HDCP encryption is by design, originally included to deter pirate copying of films shown on TV and burned in a high quality format onto DVD. Fine for the time when HDMI was introduced, but arguably past its sell by date now. So the customer has to suffer second rate quality recording via scart or component cables. Nevertheless, it is felt by some that the encryption can be removed and not affect big business profits. I do not profess to know the details, I am not an expert, but I did hear of a recorder which has HDMI input. Lack of response may indicate that it is just a rumour.

  mbc 22:09 06 Jan 15


HDCP is most certainly a copy protection device. The clue is in the name High Definition Copy Protection. Sorry.

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