hdmi lead only 2d!!!

  kench 15 Jan 12

overheard sales assistant in currys testerday say to a customer when she does get a 3d tv to get a new hdmi lead as the one sky install with there hd + box
is only 2d is this true or just a load of rubbish

  D@ve 15 Jan 12

There have been several versions of HDMI since its release (the connections are the same, but the specification of the actual cable is different).

Only version 1.4 or higher is certified to carry 3D signals.

Scroll down to just past half way on this page to see a table as to what each version is certified for.

  carver 15 Jan 12

An HDMI cable just carries a digital signal, as long as it carries the signal it works, any cable above 1.3 will carry a 3D signal and they are all basically the same. Some are better than others but unless you need one over 2 metres long you may not even notice the difference.

The ones sky supply will work, Curry's are just trying to sell their cables at an inflated price.

But if you need one how about this http://www.whathifi.com/review/thatcable-hdmi for a £5

  morddwyd 16 Jan 12

That's a bit like saying the Sky box itself is only, say, £25.

What it costs to produce anything has no relation to final retail price.

  Pine Man 18 Jan 12

Having read the reference to the What Hifi Cable Review in Carver's post I ordered a couple of HDMI leads.

Very quick, and free, delivery from That Cable.

Is there any improvement in picture quality?

Yes - much to my surprise:-)

  Pine Man 18 Jan 12

No problems:-

Sony Bravia TV - KDL-32EX523.

Sony HDD recorder - SVR-HDT500.

Sony DVD recorder - RDR-HXD870.

Quite fond of Sony;-)

  Pine Man 19 Jan 12

No I am not into 3D but the review of the cables prompted me to buy them to improve my 2D.


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