Have you bought from this site.

  Tick Tock 3 20:03 02 Feb 07

click here

Any feedback please good or bad.

  Totally-braindead 20:41 02 Feb 07

Nope don't know them I'm afraid.

  14all 23:54 02 Feb 07

I used them some time ago, purchased a Linksys Router, a 2-port KVM switch network cards and various leads.

I had no problem with delivery and it all turn up quite quickly

  Stuartli 00:10 03 Feb 07

It's a well-known outlet and customer reports indicate good after sales service.

  Dipso 01:17 03 Feb 07

You should have no problems with this well known supplier of broadband related hardware.

  Tick Tock 3 16:26 03 Feb 07


I will see if anymore comments but sounds promising.

  grumpygramp 18:25 03 Feb 07

I use them quite a lot they are very good especially over returns .They replied to my e-mails within an hour .They also sell good quality stock .

  grumpygramp 18:28 03 Feb 07

below is the thread I posted about them last year

click here

  grumpygramp 18:33 03 Feb 07

sorry I meant this one
ttp://click here

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