Have Blueyonder forgotten us ??

  ZnO 09:26 28 Feb 06

Back in September Blueyonder broadband said we would be upgraded to 4mb from 1mb, its now Nealy six months on and no upgrade i am in the west midlands is it just me or what ??

  jimv7 09:28 28 Feb 06

Think yourself lucky, we in plymouth are at the bottem of the list as usual.

click here

  ZnO 09:46 28 Feb 06

Well its something for nothing ( at the moment )when we get our upgrade internet connection speeds will be up to 1000 mbps. (-:

  sidecar sid 12:36 28 Feb 06

Should be done by the end of April.

click here

  Curio 14:07 28 Feb 06

click here :o))

  nodrog2 19:57 28 Feb 06

Keep up to date with this link

click here

  Forum Editor 20:03 28 Feb 06

Moving it there now.

  ZnO 20:13 28 Feb 06

Hmmm ! thank you nodrog2 interesting link .

  1832bchs 13:51 01 Mar 06

If you check here
click here

it says us poor souls in West Mids are end of April

  ZnO 17:17 01 Mar 06

i have always been a patient person i will look forward to my upgrade in April !

  VoG II 20:46 01 Mar 06

Test click here

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