Have Amazon changed their policy?

  onthelimit1 09:02 29 Jun 14

I've been buying from Amazon for ages, and have always used the Super Saver delivery option. Despite that, goods were dispatched promptly and usually arrived after 2 or 3 days. Recently, I have not been getting a dispatched email until 3 or 4 days after ordering and delivery has been 5 to 7 days. Anyone else experienced this?

  Forum Editor 09:11 29 Jun 14

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  sunnystaines 09:29 29 Jun 14

more products are from 3rd party dealers rather than amazon these days whoose delivery is often slower.

  alanrwood 09:40 29 Jun 14

I did notice this a couple of years ago. They seemed to always delay despatch some days on the SuperSaver method as an incentive to the customer to pay extra for delivery or to pay £50 for Amazon Prime.

  Forum Editor 10:28 29 Jun 14

The Amazon box collection system has been in use for some time, and it works very well. There is also a system whereby you can take Amazon return packages to nominated local shops - newsagents and grocery stores, from which they are subsequently collected.

I've used both systems, and it's worked without a hitch.

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:37 29 Jun 14

In my experience of using Amazon whilst some third party sellers (I avoid them where possible as have had some problems) can be a little slow, Amazon themselves usually get super saver delivery items to me before the estimated delivery dates, this has not changed in recent times. My last order was made on the 24th of June, due for delivery from the 1st of July, arrived yesterday.

  Woolwell 17:58 29 Jun 14

My experience is the opposite apart from one exception. I have ordered several items within the last 3 weeks all apart from one have arrived earlier than I expected. You get an email with the order giving an estimated delivery range and then another email when it has been despatched refining that range. My items have arrived before the date range. It was a good job that I was in. I have had one item which has been slow from a market seller if it is not here tomorrow then I shall make some enquiries.

  isca2 20:55 29 Jun 14

I am not having problems. All items despatched when advised, they always advise of despatch by email so I am happy. I rarely use MarketPlace or 3rd party sellers and only deal with Amazon if possible.

  spuds 12:59 30 Jun 14

I deal with Amazon on a daily/weekly basis, using Amazon, Amazon Fullfilled and Market Place sellers, with some transactions including free delivery within terms and conditions.

Haven't really noticed any problems, because its either next day or within 6/7 days depending on courier or mail services. One thing that I have noticed is the 24 or 48 hour Royal Mail delivery service, which as never reached those targets. Today for example, we received two items via RM 48 hours, yet from dispatch/collection date to delivery took six days?.

Perhaps worth mentioning, ParcelForce are trying out an experiment in various areas around the UK a Sunday delivery service, which if successful will be rolled out throughout the UK.

Ebuyer regular 'free delivery all item' option seems to fail me, as does their different price delivery structures. It seems to be now a case of luck of the draw, to what will or might happen?.

  onthelimit1 14:51 30 Jun 14

Item finally arrived today - within the delivery window, but much slower to arrive than super Saver used to.

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