Hauppauge nova t

  computer novice 19:26 23 May 04

just bought the said pci card and am having problems. Initially i get a picture but then after a couple of minutes it disappears and i am just left with sound. Is anyone else having this problem also i get abit of breakthru' when i do get the picture

  CalmCookie 23:02 23 May 04

Lo m8....
Firstly ..have you got an aerial which is suitable for receiving digital signals....
Secondly...and more important..are you in an area that receives the signals..
try this site to find out

click here

Lastly ...make sure the aerial is facing the correct direction and angle...cos it's different from the analogue signal

  computer novice 09:41 24 May 04

yes the aerial is sufficient and there is a good signal quality in my area

  Q-Bie 13:31 24 May 04

I had 2 of these from Work, and both failed within 6 months, a PCI and a USB one too.

In the end I got a Nebula DigiTV, much better software, much more support, more updates...

click here

I can throughly recommend it :)


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