Has the site been down today?

  rickf 17:48 18 Jan 04

I have not been able to access the site until now. Has it been down? It kept saying something about an error with the JRserver. At any rate, I am glad I am now able to log in.

  bremner 17:52 18 Jan 04


  rickf 17:57 18 Jan 04

Yep! I know now. Just seen the thread in helproom.

  josie mayhem 18:00 18 Jan 04

And I thought it was only me?

I've been working on my machine, a cure or death activity, low formatting my second hard drive, not advisable thing to do.

But been having problems with it, so have nothing to loose if it all goes belly up. The only problem, is the lengh of time it takes to complete so far 53%= 22hours aghhhhh.

So I decided to set up my old P1, machine, which is very battered (kids use it, and I for breaking into other machines or should I say it's hard drive ( safe causing any probs with my set up))

Attached modem and couldn't get onto pca at all, same message. But all well that ends well!

And I'm here to get my daily fix,

  spuds 20:37 18 Jan 04

I noticed that it was 'timing out' yesterday with a couple of my postings. Today tried a couple of times, with unable to connect with server' and just tried now and got in. Not sure if it was the same christmas problem with server.

  MisterPaul 20:40 18 Jan 04


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