Has anyone got their free express vista upgrade?

  livewire 15:06 12 Mar 07

Ive been trying since the day I received my laptop back in January to get the free upgrade to Windows Vista. Ive tried three times now but the order keeps getting cancelled. No matter how many times I email ModusLink about the upgrade I never receive a reply.

Evesham Technology say that there's nothing they can do for me.

Looks like I'm stuck with XP and am never going to get an upgrade to Windows Vista.

Is there anything I can do about this consumer wise? I did purchase the laptop with the free upgrade to Windows Vista in mind after all.

:( :(

  Kate B 15:16 12 Mar 07
  Totally-braindead 18:40 12 Mar 07

"The demand is higher than expected" what a truly pathetic excuse in my opinion.
Microsoft must have had some ideas of the number of PC sales over Xmas based on past years and therefore some idea as to how many upgrades would be required.
Its clear to me its been badly thought out. They were not set up to process the upgrades that they knew were going to be asked for and therefore should shoulder the blame.

  webb204 20:07 12 Mar 07

hi ,i recieved an email last friday saying mine had been shipped ,and that i should have it within 3 weeks !free upgrade through evesham (well £16 odd lol )

  livewire 20:22 12 Mar 07

When did you place your order Webb204?

  webb204 22:25 12 Mar 07

november !! livewire

  Totally-braindead 22:29 12 Mar 07

Thats an excellent example of Microsofts definition of Express I think. I think they should have called it the dead slow and stop, you'll get it eventually Vista upgrade.

Mind you you can knock a couple of months off that really as Vista wasn't released in November.

  Stuartli 23:33 12 Mar 07

How does a free upgrade cost $16 odd?

I think the Vista CDs must have their own (very expensive) postal service ;o)

  livewire 23:53 12 Mar 07

yep! The "Free" upgrade is £16.

Nicely described in the terms and conditions though!

  Cannuck 02:20 13 Mar 07

For the £16 you get the Home Premium Edition About £10 for the software + VAT + P&P.
I was told the Basic Home Edition was free + P&P, but would pay a little extra for the Premium Edition, because I have the XP Home Theatre set up.
Still £16 ain't bad for something that goes for nearly £200.
When I registered for my freebie all went well till it came to paying. Accepted the card, then their system crashed. Went back in for confirmation and went through the whole rigmarole again, only to be told my COA or whatever they call it was invalid.
Checked with credit card company, and the money was taken out. Tried e-mailing and all they wanted was proof of purchase, which I supplied. Took a couple of weeks before they "manually" entered my COA, but the strange thing is, their debit to my credit card dissappeared.
So now I have a registration number, sent proof of purchase, but haven't been asked to pay up, yet.
Had to send copy of purchase invoice twice, and have had no word of delivery, only what's on their web-site, saying awaiting shipping.
Who knows when I'll see it


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