Has anybody on here EVER bought any

  g0slp 23:54 19 May 04

goods peddled by Spam emails?

Seeing as we have 140,000 registered users, that should be a good cross-section of the community.......

  spuds 00:48 20 May 04

No never. The deletion button makes the decision, before I have time to open and read them.

  g0slp 05:19 20 May 04

I'd have been suprised if you had, spuds!


  Gaz 25 17:43 20 May 04

I always delete.

  bremner 17:53 20 May 04

Yes and have I lived to regret it.

I went for the one that said a quick operation could make my manhood so long it would touch the ground.

Didn't read the small print though - really regret the fact that they cut both my legs off.

  g0slp 19:39 20 May 04


  oresome 20:14 20 May 04

You could take them to the small claims court, but I don't think you'd have a leg to stand on.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:18 20 May 04

I bought my first stick of memory from an advertising email that I received.......well-known spamming company by the name of Crucial.


  Pearly Gates |X|X| 20:21 20 May 04

You can get a job in Panto as "Short John Silver"

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 20:23 20 May 04

Or Lord of the Rings as "Legless"

  ayrmail 20:34 20 May 04

less of the nonsence and answer the question dose god speedle spam

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