Hardware for new business - Desktop & Tablet & Phone combo

  ov123 22 May 13

I'm starting a new business , nothing technically clever, but I'll be running around a lot.

I'm looking to purchase a Desktop, Tablet and then Phone will which all operate well together - perhaps on windows 8.

Can anyone suggest is any of the manufactures have a recent series of products which would just keep life easy?

  Nontek 22 May 13

I can't offer any suggestion to help your business - but I strongly advise you to open your Profile and change your Forum Name, putting your email address on an open forum will leave your PC open to masses of Spam mail and/or worse!

Treat this warning as URGENT!

  Woolwell 23 May 13

Suggest you start with the tablet and phone. To work well together then they should have the same OS (Android, iOS or W8). For me the choice is between Apple iOS or Android as most Windows tablets run W8 RT. The Apple devices sync well through iCloud and the Android devices through Google. You then have to consider how you are going to run your emails, contacts and calendar on the desktop. Are you going to be using Outlook (the program) or some other client or just use webmail? Syncing Outlook with Google can create difficulties.

On the subject of email I strongly suggest that you use imap rather than pop as then you will have good sync across all devices.

Have a look at the Samsung or Apple range of tablets and phones.

  rdave13 24 May 13

If Win 8 is your choice then have a look at these,



Most PCs come with Win 8 now. Search for cheaper offers or, with the phone, a 24 month contract, possibly.

  rdave13 24 May 13

First link again, Lenovo Win 8 32-bit.


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