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  james1` 19:58 09 Jan 07

A friend of mine's niece purchased a laptop from a well known high street store just over a year ago,she didnt opt for the extra insurance/guarantee.On friday i wouldnt start up so today i had a look at it and see a start up message and i googled it and found that 1 its a common problem with this laptop 2 the h/d is broke.Am i right in thinking even though the guarantee is over H/d s should last longer so the shop or manufacturer should put it right.


  Joe R 20:21 09 Jan 07


the warranty will normally only cover the laptop (and all parts within) for twelve months.

  ray7 22:10 09 Jan 07

In consumer law, goods must last a 'reasonable' time, regardless of any so called warranty. Question in this case is 'what is a reasonable time ' for the life of a hard drive. I am not qualified to advise this and you may have problems establishing it unless you can find a definative answer, or precedent, from another source.

Good Luck

  james1` 22:18 09 Jan 07

Thanks for the replies.I had a western digital h/d for 5 years and is still going strong as far as i know(sold my old pc for a nominal amount to another friends daughters in november).I do think only lasting just over a year is unexceptable.

  Totally-braindead 22:24 09 Jan 07

Firstly I would check if it is the hard drive. What exactly does this error message say? Someone may have a solution if you give more info.

As far as I know under UK law your are entitled to a one year guarantee. Since its past the year I think you've had it. Legally they have no obligation to repair it.

Now having said that. If you contact the company who make the computer they MIGHT depending on how old it is, as a gesture of goodwill, repair it. But they have no obligation to do so and there is no point going in all guns blazing. A nice email or phone call explaining the situation and asking if they could help would be more suitable than demanding or threatening them.

Its very unfortunate something like this has happened in such a short time but I think we've all had something just out of guarantee fail.

You also mention that its a common problem with this laptop. If this is so then perhaps theres a chance of a repair for a design fault.

So what I would do is post back with the make and model of the laptop and any info you have on these common failures and give more info on exactly what it says when it fails to start? It could be something as simple as a loose cable.

  james1` 22:50 09 Jan 07

Its a Advent 7081. I cant remember what the start up sort of error message said it was sis something or other so i googled it and went to a forum and there were 20 or so people wanted to know what the same problem was and the answer was H/d failure

  james1` 22:51 09 Jan 07

Forgot to say the laptop is with its owner waiting to go to pcw on saturday

  HondaMan 13:14 10 Jan 07

" If the time limit has expired on the guarantee then you have no claim under the guarantee. However, if you can show that the goods were not of satisfactory quality at the time of sale i.e. they were not as durable as it is reasonable to expect, then you may have a claim against the trader or finance company (if applicable) for compensation under the Sale of Goods Act."

From click here

  HondaMan 13:19 10 Jan 07

You might also find this useful click here

  ForestChav 13:23 10 Jan 07

Try pressing F10 through the POST sequence and see if this loads the recovery.

It might just be that Windows won't boot, rather than the HD.

Take it she made her recovery disks, as advised by the laptop and the user manual?

  ForestChav 13:26 10 Jan 07

Also, have you checked the BIOS to see if the HDD is detected in there and the boot order is correct?

You might want to open the laptop and reseat the HDD connection, it may have worked loose, especially if the laptop's been dropped.

The Advent 7081 is a rebadged ECS 321 - sometimes easier to find info under that.

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