Hackers breach online banking identity security measures

  TopCat® 02 Feb 12

Over time the news of various banking security breaches seem in a way to be expected as the relentless fight against the criminal fraternity continues apace. Now one has to be aware of the 'Man in the Browser' attack where "the malware lives in the web browser and can get between the user and the website, altering what is seen and changing details of what is being entered..."

A cunning little devil that filters through our current computer security and lies undetected waiting to strike. A cause for concern indeed! TC.

bank hacker story

  SparkyJack 04 Feb 12

Which is why I have never entertained the idea of Banking 'On Line'

The day a bank announces the 'Most secure security yet'

Some crafty b*er has already cracked it

This I have written many times over the 10 years or so on this forum

  SparkyJack 04 Feb 12

Re My Last See to-days issue of BBC/click

enter link description here

  Wuggy 04 Feb 12

I have used online banking for the past 10 to 12 years and have a number of online accounts with different banks which I use frequently. I have never had a problem at any time. I always ensure Windows security updates are current along with my anti-virus and firewall software. I also use Trusteer Rapport which is a free download from most banks, and, of course, I apply a large measure of common sense when logging on to such web sites. To say that you would never use online banking because it is insecure is like saying you will never cross the road because a man in Doncaster got knocked down by a bus 2 years ago.

  TopCat® 04 Feb 12

I agree entirely with your banking security provisions and entirely endorse the free Trusteer Rapport software. From when I was first offered TR by my bank the number of financial institutions now number 144. There are some huge names in TR's very impressive list. TC.

  Woolwell 04 Feb 12

The in privacy mode of browsers helps and there are virtual keyboards. However there is no substitute for vigilance and not clicking where you shouldn't.


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