graphics tablets

  christmascracker 21:25 30 Oct 03

I'm thinking of getting one of the above for christmas and would be grateful for any advice on which one to get.

I've heard that WACOM are supposed to be the best.

I've spotted the voli which is around ?40, and also the Graphire3 classic which is around ?75.

Any advice/recommendations would be great



  christmascracker 21:26 30 Oct 03

sorry, should have read volito at ?40

  Jarvo 23:22 30 Oct 03

I bought the ?40 volito about a month ago and now relise I should have done it years ago. It gives so much more control than a mouse with brushes in photoshop. It will be the best ?40 you will have spent, The graphite 3 gives a few more controls but not sure you will benefit unless you do a lot of graphics work.

  christmascracker 08:35 31 Oct 03

Thanks Jarvo

I only want it for touching up photo's etc in Paint shop pro so will probably go with the volito.

Roll on christmas ;-)

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