Graphics card advise

  Si_L 22:47 05 Aug 09

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This is the card I was thinking of getting, its a Zotac 9600GSO 512MB DDR3 card.

For this price (£50), are there any other choices out there that are better? I play games like Bioshock, COD4 and 5, Pro Evo Soccer, not the latest games but still demanding.


  Armchair 17:14 06 Aug 09

Not if £50 is your absolute limit. The AMD alternative to that is the 4670, and they're roughly on a par with each other.

If you want something a lot better than that for a reasonable price, the Radeon 4850 is the one to get atm, at £77 on that site.

  Si_L 17:28 06 Aug 09

No £50 was the most I was prepared to spend, I got free shipping with this with an Ebuyer voucher code if anyone else is about to purchase from there (just google voucher codes)

Cheers for the help, I'll tick as resolved now.

  GaT7 19:12 06 Aug 09

My preference would've been for the 4670 because it requires less power & runs cooler.

Be aware the 9600GSO requires a 6pin PCI-E power connector, while the 4670 doesn't - it derives its power from the PCI-E bus. Related thread at click here.

Possibly a moot point though, since you've purchased it already. And fine if your PC's PSU has the requisite connector, or is powerful enough to run it with the use of an adapter/converter. For the latter, your PSU will need to be a fairly good quality & powerful one, with a rating of at least 350-400W. Do not try it with anything less. G

  Si_L 22:02 06 Aug 09

That is one thing I forgot to consider, but I opened up the PC and it has the 6 pin connector, it took a bit of untangling wires and cutting through cable ties but I got it free in the end, so its all good.

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