graphics card advice please

  polish 18:31 26 Mar 11

iam thinking of upgrading my 8800 gt card which seems to play games ok so i was wondering how much difference i would see with the newer cards iam thinking of spending about £150 i play f1 2010 and recent here also has anyone had experience of this company as i have not used these before

  I am Spartacus 18:48 26 Mar 11

I use CCL occasionally. They're fine but not necessarily the cheapest but they have decent support.

A good value card at the moment is this Nvidia 460 at £125 click here

  AL47 22:49 26 Mar 11

click here=

I'd go for the amd 6850 I have 2 6950s and they are great

  AL47 23:04 26 Mar 11

click here=

I'd go for the amd 6850 I have 2 6950s and they are great

  Terry Brown 10:12 27 Mar 11

I would look at the CPU and Memory as well as the specifications of the motherboard, to see if any improvement could be made in those area's as well.but it all depends on how fast you wany your machine to be and how much you are willing to pay.


  polish 15:10 27 Mar 11

thanks for replys the memory is at maximum for 32 windows 7 the processor could be upgraded dual core 2.66 i will look into the amd 6850 although not for any reason i have never has a radeon

  donki 12:15 28 Mar 11

I upgraded from a 8800GTS to a 4870 1GB and the performance jump was very noticable, I would put a little more cash in and get a 6870.

  GaT7 16:30 28 Mar 11

What CPU is it exactly, & what's your motherboard's make & model? Most dual-core CPUs matched with a reasonably good to better GPU will be fine.

The trouble with a CPU upgrade (unless you got a secondhand bargain) is that it would eat into your budget too much for a very little gain in gaming.

I agree with the recommendations for your budget so far, with donki's 6870 being the best for a little more. G

  polish 17:34 28 Mar 11

the motherboard is a abit ix38 quad gt and the cpu is a dual core e6750 2.66 although over clocked slightly using motherboard optimized settings at 2.720 i dont mind spending the money on a graphics card as long as i will see a difference.
iam also looking at buying this monitor to replace my 17inch click here

  GaT7 18:09 28 Mar 11

An E6750 should be more than enough - overclocked even better. Most games are much more GPU than CPU-driven, so you won't find anywhere as much difference with a CPU+GPU upgrade compared to a GPU-only upgrade & for much less. In other words, just upgrading the latter for now should be good enough.

If your budget for a monitor is around £150 including delivery, I'd suggest a 23" click here or even 24" click here monitor. You may think you don't have the space, but a 23-24" monitor will be only 0.5-1" wider at most as screen sizes are measured diagonally.

One thing to note though with the GPU is if you can turn up all settings to MAX in all the games you play & have no issues (avg of 40fps), then a better graphics card isn't going to make much difference. If you get a larger monitor & play at higher resolutions than you are currently, the 8800GT might struggle with some games. So I would recommend buying the monitor first & see how it fares with the 8800GT & all the games you play. Putting off buying the GPU can only be a good thing as prices are mostly falling. G

  polish 18:44 28 Mar 11

thanks crossbow 7 plenty of food for thought also everyone else for help

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