Graphics card advice 16:37 30 Jul 07

Could someone offer an opinion as to which of these two cards is better value, Sapphire X1550 512MB DDR2 VGA TV Out DVI-I PCI-E Graphics Card at £39 or Sapphire HD 2400XT 256MB GDDR3 VGA DVI TVO PCI-E Graphics Card at £42. I still need the vga option as my monitor is at present 19" CRT. I know they are not high end cards but any advice is much appreciated.

  wjrt 17:50 30 Jul 07

not much in it but the 2400XT is the better card 18:06 30 Jul 07

Thanks wjrt I was planning to use it in this Barebone Bundle AMD X2 AM2 5200 Dual Core 2GB 667Mhz Dual Channel DDR Hiper PSU nForce 570 Motherboard from novatech which I've just received, is it good enough or is there a better card. Budget is upto £80.

  wjrt 18:18 30 Jul 07

novatech 8600GT at £76. this is the one I am using at present along with 1998 samsung 19" crt

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