Graphics card 256mb or 512mb

  JoeA 17:24 15 Apr 09

I want to watch CDs and DVDs on my machine, would I be right in thinking that the existing Graphics card (GeForce 8400Gs 256mb) is going to be ok?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

  Why wont it work 17:33 15 Apr 09

Your current graphics card will be fine for DVDs (including HD too), so I wouldn't bother upgrading it unless you are going to be playing demanding games etc. Hope that helps.

  OTT_Buzzard 17:37 15 Apr 09

Just as a side point, the amount of memory a graphics card has (i.e. the frame buffer size) doesn't really matter that much. It can allow for playback of higher resolutions in some cases.

What matters more is the rate at which information is pushed through the memory on the card, i.e. the memory bandwidth and clock speeds.

As 'Why Won't it work' said, your existing card should be fine for watching DVDs....

  JoeA 17:59 15 Apr 09

Thank you Why it wont work and OTT_Buzzard

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