Graphics Card.......????

  relaxies 21:01 03 Dec 05

Hi all,

Quick question i want to upgrade my graphics card i am currently running a,

2.4 processor P3
512mb DDR Ram
160 gig HD
64mb Radeon 9200 AGP Graphics card

I am wanting to spend no more than around the £100 mark! Any advice would be much appreciated (plus is it easy to replace one with the other?)

Thanks in advance Andy !!!!

  rdave13 21:07 03 Dec 05
  Joe R 21:18 03 Dec 05

Imho, the best £100 graphics card has to be the 6600GT.

click here

  citadel 21:30 03 Dec 05

6600gt and if you have windows xp add another 512 of ram when you can afford it.

  Totally-braindead 21:39 03 Dec 05

The 6600GT I bought this one click here

  GaT7 22:34 03 Dec 05

AGP 6600GTs (sorted by ascending prices) click here

An AGP 6800 (slightly better than the 6600GT) at just over £100 click here

Article & benchmarks for the above cards (amongst others) click here.

Remember to get an AGP card - not a PCI Express one. G

  relaxies 10:30 04 Dec 05

Thanks for that, thinkin i will go for the GT one! Is it an easy case of one card out and the other in? Plus with the ram do i just add it into the slot and my computer will automatically pick it up, i have Win XP?

  SG Atlantis® 11:42 04 Dec 05


when you take the side of the pc, you'll see a screw holding the graphics card in place. Unscrew it and the card will pull out. Make sure you place the screw back in.

RAM just push the ram down til you hear it click into place at both ends.

As you have an ATI card at the moment I would uninstall your current card first, then shut down and proceed as above.

XP will detect any new changes automatically.

Good luck

  GaT7 11:59 04 Dec 05

Installing a graphics card guide click here.

Detailed guide click here.

Download the latest drivers for the 6600GT from click here. G

  SG Atlantis® 12:02 04 Dec 05

good links crossbow7

  relaxies 12:15 04 Dec 05

Cheers gents!,

Dam fast and good replys

i will let you know how i get on

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