Goodbye MBS

  Managing ed 18:08 11 Mar 09

If you suffered at the hands of the website subscription firm MBS/Platte, today is a good day:

click here&

And plenty of you did:

click here

  961 19:32 11 Mar 09

It's difficult to sort out the difference between a campaigning journalist and a computer nerd

But Peter Thomas, known to many as "China" started here as a mere contributor, and is now the magazine's Consumerwatch champion

Not an easy task, bearing in mind his full time day (and night) job

He got involved in this "suffering" like a dog after a bone. Not easy.

This caused many families great heartache

And I can imagine there were many late night arguments at PC Advisor, because the fine legal line could have trashed the magazine

Congratulations Peter


  laurie53 20:57 11 Mar 09

Well done PCA.

  Spark6 23:35 11 Mar 09

This is the best internet news I've read today. Not only goodbye but good riddance to this most despicable organisation.

P.S. I wonder what some of the defenders of this outfit's tactics have to say now!

I must add, I was not caught up in their antics.

  Forum Editor 00:56 12 Mar 09

was the company's apparent refusal to accept that its business model was badly flawed. I repeatedly tried to get across the message that just because something is legal it doesn't mean it's acceptable.

It's one thing to market a service aggressively and quite another to trade on the fact that people will pay, simply in order to save themselves embarrasment.

Today is indeed a good one for those who were driven to the point of distraction by this company.

  six-h 16:51 12 Mar 09

I was pm'd by one of our members who's career might have been at stake because of these bandits, and he/she was in a very worrying state.
I did my best to offer advice, but have since been unable to contact them.
I think of this person often, and hope that they have not done anything silly.
MBS have much to answer for, and their demise is something to be celebrated.
Well done PCA and Peter in particular.

  LinH 21:34 12 Mar 09

Well done Peter and PCA.


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