Good Service ~ Toshiba

  acfc 06:50 17 Mar 09

I thought I would add a positive story to the forum to prove good service still exists in these hard times

I bought a Toshiba 19' LCD television about 8 months ago and it has developed an intermittent fault. On returning to the site it came from they would appear to be no longer, so I contacted the UK Toshiba Service Centre

A couple of brief questions and a replacement shall be delivered tomorrow ~ no fuss, prevarication or excuses just good service

So guess whose telly's I'll look to first when I need another?

  user8 11:13 17 Mar 09

I'm on my 3rd Toshiba Laptop.
The build, service & customer support is 1st class.
Only once had to contact them about 5 years ago.
Problem fixed within 24 hours.

And good to hear stories like this.

  Charence 17:57 17 Mar 09

did you contact them after the warranty ended? If so, that would be good news!

Thanks for letting us know.

  user8 18:16 17 Mar 09

On the last Laptop i bought directly through a Toshiba outlet centre in Kent.
Saved £££ on doing it this way & got an extended warranty as well.
In fact just had an email from Toshiba telling me it has ended.
Current Laptop does everything it was bought for.

Only gripe is that it can only take x2 1GB of RAM.
So unlikely to run Vista on it!

  Charence 21:31 17 Mar 09

I misread your original post, thought you said you contacted them after 5 years.

Reason I asked was because most companies are not too bad when you are still under warranty, but after, it is sometimes really difficult to get any customer support.

  acfc 07:23 18 Mar 09


Unfortunately some companies try to find reasons not to replace items even in the 12 months particularaly as my contract is with the retailer. They could also have offered a repair or reburbished unit as it is over 6 months since the purchase so I was very pleased with Toshiba's response.

User 8

I'l look at their outlet next time i have some money ~ thanks

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