Is this a good offer (Gaming PC)

  JoshBond 10 Jul 12

This PC looks good as it is quite cheap and claims to be able to run wow on high/ultra but will it really or is it just a marketing ploy if so what pc should I get?

  JoshBond 10 Jul 12
  frybluff 10 Jul 12

Don't play WOW, myself, but from technical specs, it's not actually particularly demanding.

This "base" system could run it, at good settings, although 2GB of RAM is a bit of a joke. I would definately suggest upgrading that, to at least 4, preferably 8GB, depending what else you want to do. Then you need an operating system, which puts your price close to £500, for what is still a fairly basic system.

A lot depends on what else you want to play. Unless you upgrade graphics card and CPU, there's a lot it won't play. Whilst the site does have a lot of upgrade options, I suspect you could buy cheaper elsewhere. This may, of course, be a very good company, but I don't know them, to comment.

If you can give an idea what, if any, other games you want to play, it would be possible to advise further.

  D@ve 11 Jul 12

The description of that PC is so exaggerated (to the point that it's laughable!) makes me very weary of that company. It also states "Windows 7 Ready" which to me appears to be an attempt to imply that it comes loaded with Windows 7 when in fact it probably means that it comes with no Operating System.

The computer I linked to in your previous thread is vastly superior to this. My advice - avoid...


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