Gmail: additional email addresses

  toofy 05 Feb 12

I have opened a Gmail account; my login and email address are the same. I am wanting to establish an email address for my wife but the instructions confuse me. It mentions addl. email addresses and also alternate addresses. Are they the same thing? Gmail also point out "You can't use a Gmail address as an alternate" Should my wife open her own Gmail account? Thanks for your help.

  hastelloy 05 Feb 12

I think your wife should open her own email address in the same way that you did. Don't know what "addl. email addresses" means but alternate email is so they can send you a new password if you forget it.

  toofy 06 Feb 12

Thanks for your reply Marvin. (Addl. was me being lazy and not typing additional. Sorry.) I successfully set up gmail for myself, sending & receiving emails without any problem. The next day, The gmail account opening procedures were completed for my wife: her own login/email address, password etc. Since then my gmail account & gmail address has vanished!! I have trawled through the gmail troubleshooting sections etc which I find difficult to follow. Can anyone explain what I have done wrong? I use XP & Firefox as browser. I have 'searched' gmail for the email address which i briefly used, gmail cannot find it.

  wee eddie 06 Feb 12

Your System will Log into the last eMail Address used.

In the top right hand corner will be the Name of the Account Logged in > Click on the Down Arrow > and Sign Out > Then just log in with your own Name and Password

  toofy 07 Feb 12

wee eddie-that's exactly what I needed to know. Thank you very much. Best wishes to all you helpers. Derek

  wee eddie 07 Feb 12

toofy: Now all you have to do is to Click on the Tick, by my reply, and that will show that the thread is resolved.


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