Gio ISP... can anyone get through to them? HELP!

  cadley 07:13 19 Oct 04

After a shed load of problems with gio internet It went quiet for a week and then I noticed they had taken four payments out of my account in the first 9 days of October we have now spent nearly 48 hours trying to contact them to sort it out on the billing helpline I get the phone being answered and then put down on the desk so we can listen to a conversation on the other side of the room (we think in Indian) all the other numbers including the corporate one go unanswered or come up as number not recognised, just wondered if anyone else has had any luck, have you been overcharged? or can anyone suggest the next course of action? I have tried email but that doesn't get answered....HELP

  anchor 09:12 19 Oct 04

You could first contact your bank, or credit card company, and explain the position. Also, send a recorded delivery letter to the Chief Executive at their registered address:

Gio Internet Ltd
Riverside Business Park,
11 Riverside Way,
KA11 5DP

Their geographical phone number is


If all fails your local Trading Standards office might be worth a visit.

  cadley 07:19 20 Oct 04

I have quicky sent a letter off to my Credit card company to try and recover the money although they say I won't loose it as I am coveredby them, Still no sign of life from Gio the Gio website still hasn't been updated for 6 days and none of the phones either work or are being answered............Doesn't look good really does it, trouble is I can't sign up to another ISP until gio release my service......and I can't contact Gio............catch 22 anyone

  roygbiv 09:06 20 Oct 04

O M G !! I am with Gio, is this the sort of thing i am in for ?

  anchor 13:11 20 Oct 04

Try contacting the Irvine, (Scotland), trading standards department and explain your problem. This the one local to Gio; perhaps they know what`s going on and can help.

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  cadley 21:53 20 Oct 04

I will give them a ring tommorrow and let you know what is going on.... if I can!!!!
Previous problems are here
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  anchor 09:30 21 Oct 04

Good luck, & please keep us updated.

I have done a search and found lots of dissatisfied Gio customers recently. This may be of interest; (look at the last posting).

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  cadley 15:47 21 Oct 04

Here's the latest
The Trading Standards Office in Irvine same Town as Gio offices can't get in or get an answer so things a looking bleak. The good news is (thanks once again to anchor, I may have to put them on my Christmas card list!!!) as per the other forum....high velocity click here are migrating people over from gio for FREE so I am giving it a try and they answered the phone within 4 rings (took me by surprise)they are nothing to do with Gio and there are no download limits and all for £19.49 a month, at this moment in time they are trying to see if they can rip my connection out from under Gio as there is no one there to swap over the "mac card" whatever that is!!
If it all goes smoothly I will bring everyone up to date later.
Now how do you cancel an agreement with gio when there is no one there....suppose its back to the registered post again.

  roygbiv 16:52 21 Oct 04

I have their dial-up service. been with them 2 yrs, few hiccups.
After reading all the posts i am getting worried, as to what is going to happen.

  anchor 09:23 22 Oct 04

I was beginning to suspect that something like this had happened; seems they have "gone under".

Contact your credit card company ASAP and fill them in. Tell them not to make any further payments under any circumstances. Also, send a special delivery letter to their registered address informing them of this, and the reasons why.

  spuds 12:16 22 Oct 04

For those using Gio, why not do a company check to see if Gio have filed for insolvency. The trading standards should have this information available.Remember though that it will require the actual company registeration name [found on contractual documents] if Gio is just a sub trading title.

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