Getting rid of Spam

  spuds 17:29 11 Oct 09

Over the years, I have trialed various spam removal/prevention programs, some similar to K9, Stop-It and Mailwasher. At present I am being bombarded with spam on a daily routine, and having been given some software vouchers, I am contemplating installing a easy to use reliable secure product.

Mailwasher Pro comes to mind, but I would consider other recommendations, possibly freebies, and perhaps use the voucher more wisely !.

  chub_tor 17:36 11 Oct 09

I have used Mailwasher Pro for about 2 years having previously used the free version and quite honestly I wouldn't be without it. I went through a period when I was being bombarded with spam and Mailwasher was the only way that I could control it. Luckily for me my ISP put on better spam filters and I am relatively spam free nowadays (touch wood) but I still run all my mail through Mailwasher and that helps me weed out all the emails that I don't want to read before I boot into Windows Live Mail.

  961 17:42 11 Oct 09

Yes, I've been bombarded in the past but Mailwasher Pro has sorted it and now I just don't have a problem

I would say again that it is important to resist the temptation to bounce spam

  spuds 18:40 11 Oct 09

Thanks both for the input. I will leave the question open for a while before I tick as resolved.

  beeuuem 19:16 11 Oct 09

I also use and recommend Mailwasher Pro

  ajm 19:59 11 Oct 09

I have used mailwasher and also spamfighter. Found them both to be very good. I am now using Eset Security 4 Business and it has a decent spam filter and out of the dalily 60-70 spam messages I get, maybe only a couple pass through the filters

  Chris the Ancient 08:37 12 Oct 09

I'm with Mailwasher.

I've also used it as a freebie and upgraded to Pro. It gives me the opportunity to preview and delete or download with filters I can program. Those give me a very quick idea of what to keep or not bother with.

And as stated above... do not bounce unwanted stuff as that immediately shows that an email address is a valid one.

  jack 11:47 12 Oct 09

suddenly, only in the recent days or so it has diminished considerably.
I took a look at my spam box on my ISP and lo there was pages of the stuff- So I now look there just in case one I want got caught- and delete the rest.
I wonder why?
Is it the ISP has toughened up - of it it Mailwasher/other trapping it on the server
How does this work?

  Chris the Ancient 17:14 12 Oct 09

Sounds like you're ISP has toughened up. Mailwasher will only look at what is ready to be routed to you.

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