Geniatech hybrid TV stick loops endlessly.

  Mike_R 16:51 23 Jul 08

I've bought a DVB -TU6010T stick for an Acer laptop running under XP with SP2.
It seemed to load correctly but when I try to use it, it just cycles on the TV set up on both analogue and digital TV. The aerial is a outdoor one with a decent reception. It seems to lock the Acer and is difficult to shut down. On one attempt, I had to open the battery compartment to shut it down.
The carton says vista compatible. I assume that it runs on both.
Any ideas please? I've send an email to Geniatech but the laptop/TV is wanted by this Friday for a holiday.

  Stuartli 18:16 23 Jul 08

It's most likely to do with the signal strength - could be too high.

I have a Twinhan PCI Freeview TV card and, if it is receiving too much signal from the aerial amplifier, will either pixilate or go into a loop.

  Mike_R 21:23 23 Jul 08

Thanks. I'll try it with the supplied indoor aerial and see what happens.

  Stuartli 00:34 24 Jul 08

I should have also mentioned that my aerial amplifier has the means to vary the amplification from +3dB to 18dB, which is why I'm aware of the need to temporarily curtail signal strength.

  Mike_R 09:08 24 Jul 08

Oddly, perhaps, I subsequently tried the little indoor aerial which came with the kit. It worked but only picked up two channels with a poor picture. Then I switched to the outdoor aerial which worked perfectly.
My son will have to tune it again when he goes on holiday caravanning so he should also take his portable TV. In any event, I have to get rid of the Vundo virus in the laptop.

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