Garage Rent increase?

  ened 16:59 05 Jun 08

First of all apologies that this is only vaguely related to computers (I keep all my parts there).

I have been renting a garage with no formal agreement in writing. The Landlord has passed the reins to his son who wants to double the rent.

Could some kind sole please either give me some advice or point me to a site where I might obtain some?

  Cymro. 17:07 05 Jun 08

I suppose it depends a lot on how badly you want to keep the garage and how much is your rent now and how much do you expect to pay for another place.

  ened 17:10 05 Jun 08

I was looking more for advice on my legal rights.

ie: is he within his rights to do this and can I refuse?

  Cymro. 17:28 05 Jun 08

As you have nothing in writing he probably is within his rights, but you could try refusing and then see what he does. Put the ball in his court so to speak and then wait to see what he does.

  Diemmess 17:52 05 Jun 08

You may be on a hiding to nothing!
With no paperwork to support you, it might be big mistake to take any action until you have spoken with the current owner. (Assuming he IS the owner.)
You must meet and discuss what can be agreed.

If you do refuse to pay, (remember you have no special protection as a dwelling would have).
You might find the lock changed, and all your computer parts on the road!

  Forum Editor 17:58 05 Jun 08

has this arrangement been running, and in what form did you make the payments?

  ened 18:29 05 Jun 08

Diemmess "remember you have no special protection as a dwelling would have"

That is exactly what I am trying to ascertain. I am not refusing to pay I just feel the proposed increase is ott!

FE It has been going for eight years and we have paid by cheque regularly on the first of the month. Never missed a payment.

  Diemmess 19:41 05 Jun 08

[we have paid by cheque regularly on the first of the month. Never missed a payment]

You have been exemplary tennants and hopefully have established some goodwill, but in this hard world if your landlord chooses to be awkward there's little you can do.

I was not trying to apportion blame, I just feel that your best (and only) hope is to meet and see what comes from a civilised meeting.

  spuds 19:55 05 Jun 08

Go your your local council. They should have a section dealing in fair rents. Most councils have agreements regarding garage spaces, so you could perhaps base a fair price on their figures and recommendations.

Renting and using garages and garage spaces can be a complicated affair. I rent a car/garage size plot of land from our local council, and I pay £10.00 a month for it. The 'removable' garage is my property.

The other thing to consider. Does the garage that you are renting have a independent ratable value including water and sewage rates. This can also make a difference to the rental charges.

  Forum Editor 22:21 05 Jun 08

From what you've said it seems to me that you are occupying the garage under what's called a licence,or permission to occupy, and unfortunately this doesn't convey the same rights as would a leasehold. You have no formal written agreement, and no security of tenure - the garage owner may terminate the licence by giving you four weeks notice in writing, at the end of which the owner has a contractual right of possession, although he can't just throw you out if you refuse to move - he must apply to a court for a possession order.

Because you have no written rental agreement the owner can vary the rent at a month's notice, too, and there's really nothing you can do about it, except appeal to his sense of fair-play. The thing is, if you've been paying the same monthly amount for eight years you've done pretty well, and you probably don't have much cause for complaint.

  birdface 22:44 05 Jun 08

Council garage where I stay is £28-£30 a month.If you are only paying about half of this amount I could see where owner would want an up to date rent.Of course I have no idea what you pay this is only a guide to what you should be paying.

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