Gaming rig advise please

  rajchahal18 20:39 04 Oct 08


I am looking to upgrade my current system, with a budget of around £800. I have seen 2 systems from . The first one is the chillblast fusion hornet (click here) with the dual core 3.16Ghz processor, 9800GTX video card, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD and 22" screen for £820. However, there is also the chillblast fusion javelin (click here) with the dual core 3.33GHz processor, HD4850 graphics card, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD and 19" screen for £750.

I'll be using the computer for gaming (mostly fsx). Would it be better to get the hornet with the 3.16GHz with the 9800GTX or the javelin with the 3.33GHz processor and 4850?

Thanks a lot :)

  project 90 00:07 05 Oct 08

whats fsx?
but i would prefer to go for the nvidia card i prefer them over ati but dnt know what card it actually better out of the 2 think there pretty much the same.
also would it not be better to get the quad core Q6600 for the same price? sure they can overclock to 3gig pretty easy and are very stable

  MCE2K5 02:26 05 Oct 08

"whats fsx?" Flight Simulator X click here

  project 90 13:09 06 Oct 08

with the specs of that game woldnt take much runing my onboard would run that :D

think any of the 2 pc's should run that and other games with ease, as i mentioned though prob go for quad core though

  rajchahal18 20:11 06 Oct 08

I've done a few searches etc... and found out that fsx doesnt utilise all 4 cores, so duo would be better, I think?

btw they are the min specs requirements and you'd need a much better system to run it well!

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