Gaming PC Advice (Professional or Experiance Knowledge Only Please)

  Edemardil 13:22 23 Oct 11

I have been running games on my laptop since I moved outside of my country (Left the Xbox 360 home) so I figured it was time to buy a new PC that I can game on. I run LOTRO (lowest settings) fine on this laptop but playing games like Portal 1 and 2 and other Steam games (I want Skyrim pretty bad and Dead Island) is almost impossible. I think the Total War series works fine for me and even that´s on lowest settings. So, I'm not on a huge budget and I am sure most anything will run better than what I've got now. Here is what I was looking at. Do you think any of these three would be good for holding a few games (at least 10)like LOTRO full specs, Skyrim full specs, Portal 1 and 2, L4D, Amnesia (which I still cant play because of specs) Dead Island or are these low end PCs with low end systems?


  Forum Editor 13:30 23 Oct 11

"(Professional or Experiance Knowledge Only Please)"

This is free advice computer forum - you don't get to pick who responds to your question.

It might help if you provided us with some information about "these three", so we can comment.

  Edemardil 14:48 23 Oct 11

Sorry all! Here is the link:

RE: Mr or Miss Forum Editor, That was a polite way of saying 'If you do not know what your are talking about, please do not reply' though You are 100% correct with your less than polite response. I assume that because it is free advice I can also post what I want in the thread and title as long as it isn't outside the lines of the TOS? None the less thanks for the spot check on the link.

  birdface 15:08 23 Oct 11


[I can also post what I want in the thread and title as long as it isn't outside the lines of the TOS?]

Of course you can but whether you would get any response may be a different question.

  Forum Editor 16:33 23 Oct 11

My response was factual, not less than polite.

This is a computer help forum, contributed to by people who give freely of their time. Neither you nor I have any way of knowing whether responses come from people who know what they're talking about.

Your link doesn't work, by the way.

  birdface 22:31 23 Oct 11

Forum Editor

Link works for me. Order from,United States | Canada | China.

  Forum Editor 22:49 23 Oct 11


That's interesting. I've tried the link on three machines in Chrome,IE9,Firefox and Safari, and all of them produce the same result, which is 'Unable to open the web-page at'

  birdface 00:03 24 Oct 11

Nope it starts with this.

  X7-250 00:17 24 Oct 11 is part of the redirect, and will be blocked for anyone using the mvps HOSTS file.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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