Gaming PC for £900

  Burgess007 21:35 29 Aug 10

I'm looking to buy a good gaming PC for £900.
I have no technical abilities or knowledge and I'd appreciate any ideas and explanations as to what to look for in RAM, processor, hard drive etc.

Thanks in advance

  citadel 22:29 29 Aug 10

graphics card hd5870, i5 cpu, 4g memory,

  Why wont it work 22:42 29 Aug 10

I don't think you would go wrong with the above suggestion really. But to elaborate further, for a gaming pc in that price range I would be looking for:

Processor: Intel Core i5 (7xx series) or i7 (8xx or 9xx series). OR, AMD Phenom II X4 or X6 (any model above 3ghz is powerful enough).

GPU: ATI Radeon 5770/5850/5870 (the latter two being considerably more powerful than the former). OR, Nvidia 460/470 (I expect the 480 would be too expensive).

RAM: Anything above 4GB really. (Intel Core i7 9xx processors work best with 3GB or 6GB however).

Hard drive: most perform well enough these days. The bigger the better really, just make sure it spins at 7200rpm (the vast majority do anyway).

Hope that isn't too confusing and helps a bit.

  Burgess007 17:32 30 Aug 10

Thanks for the responses, I may upload a couple of options later for some feedback.

  Burgess007 20:59 30 Aug 10

I have these three in mind. Any thoughts on them? Any preferences?

click here

click here

click here

  Why wont it work 21:55 30 Aug 10

I think the first one is best, especially as it appears to come with a monitor. Good processor, strong graphics and a decent amount of RAM.

I don't like the second very much, and not just because it's the cheapest. The Nvidia 465 was a bit of a flop and is outperformed by it's little 460 brother.

The third one is quite decent, although I would swap the Nvidia 465 for a Nvidia 1gb 460 as it's only £2-3 more. If you don't already have a monitor it would probably turn out more expensive than the first however, for not quite as powerful spec.

  Burgess007 22:31 30 Aug 10

Why won't it work, thanks for the advice, I agree the first is the one for me. I'll get a different monitor and I won't upgrade the ram to be honest but it looks a good buy and the reviews have been good as far as I can see. Cheers mate much appreciated.

  Burgess007 22:33 30 Aug 10

Oh one last thing, Windows 7 64 bit or 32? Based on the 4gb ram and the processor?

  AL47 00:35 31 Aug 10

64 bit, and yes def first one!

  phoenix198 09:19 04 Sep 10

Definitely the first one in terms of the core up-front specification although I wonder at the quality of the 'Chillblast' mouse, keyboard and speakers. Also, I hope you noticed that the VAT inclusive price is in fact £1058!

Cannot help but feel that there is something slightly underhand about a vendor selling consumer-oriented PCs who highlights VAT exclusive prices rather than a consumer price.

  Styxx 16:17 04 Sep 10

It's worth checking out the gamer systems on I got a Titan Goliath last year and it's pretty ace. At the time it was about £850, but they've changed the spec so it's a bit more expensive now. They give you options for graphics card, hard drive and so on too.

On a side note, if you're also looking for a gamer mouse, the Roccat Kone is awesome!

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