Gaming monitor for Xmas - please help

  bluefizz 13:08 09 Dec 10

I want to buy my son a 26 inch screen (can't go bigger due to space). He is into games. What is the best I could get for a budget of £300. thank you

  Rayuk 14:45 09 Dec 10

Are you after a TV or PC Monitor?

  GaT7 15:08 09 Dec 10

A few questions before I suggest some:

1. Is he likely to play 3D games now or in the near future? This needs a special 3D-capable monitor, which are more expensive, & I think 24" is the max you can go for with your budget.

2. Would he like a 16:9 (1920*1080) or 16:10 (1920*1200) aspect ratio? Most gamers prefer the latter, while others don't mind either.

3. How much space do you have widthwise in cm?

4. Would he like a built-in digital TV tuner if it doesn't exceed your budget?


  bluefizz 15:47 09 Dec 10

Erm.... Not too sure actually. I just measured the space we have room for.

If it helps he's mopre into strategy type games rather than shoot em ups and racing etc...

He plays X2 The Threat a lot as well.

Sorry I'm no help. I have no idea about the technical stuff. Iwas looking at a Samsung 26 inch TV which is 1080p HD ready.

We have a tv right next to his computer so getting another tv is not important - he just wants a larger screen for his games.

  GaT7 16:25 09 Dec 10

"I just measured the space we have room for."

Right, what is this available space?

Basic differences between the twoaspect ratios - click here shows the basic (diagram taken from click here). Ask him for his preference.

Is he likely to play 3D games now or in the near future? Some older games can support it (including 'X2: The Threat - looks excellent in 3D showcase 3D gaming' click here) & more are likely to do so in the future. Ask him about this. G

  bluefizz 19:22 09 Dec 10

The space it is to go in is 105 cm wide by 65 cm high - that's the max.

I'm not sure about the 3d - presumably 3d is the future - so yes maybe.

I can;t ask him as it's meant to be a surprise for Xmas.

I don;t know which he would prefer from the 16.9 or the 16.10 but the diagram looks as though the 16.9 might be best to go for regarding space.

  Marko797 21:22 09 Dec 10

click here

and it's a thing of beauty.

Best monitor I've ever had.

  GaT7 15:18 10 Dec 10

Sorry for the delay in replying. As mentioned before, for £300 you'll only get a 24" 3D-capable screen. Aspect ratios won't be an issue regarding space.

The reason I asked exactly how much space as I came across a few 27-28" monitors that fell within your budget but wanted to be sure they would fit before suggesting them. 105x65cm is more space than you think, so these will not be an issue, being about 66x55cm or lower.

Anyway, the ones I was looking at were:

1. Hanns.G HZ281HPB 28" 16:10 £223 click here (shop around for a better price)

2. LG W2753V 27" 16:9 £280 click here / click here

3. LG W2753VC 27" 16:9 £280 click here / click here

If you compare the two LGs at their website click here, there's very little to tell them apart.

This looked good too, but not in stock anywhere it would appear: Asus VE276Q 27" click here / click here

Another option is to go for a 27-32" TV-monitor which will also fall within your budget (80x60cm). TVs will also have better sound than monitor-only screens - of course this won't be an issue if he's using external speakers (which I would recommend). I can suggest a few if you express an interest. G

  bluefizz 18:31 10 Dec 10

Many thanks for the help and the replies. Have a good Christmas everyone.

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