GAME Service - laughable.

  Stormpool 09:39 30 Mar 07

I bought a PS3 on launch from my local Game, ordered my games online which turned up wednesday this week.

After trying out a few games I realised the controller was faulty, the R2 button triggered itself intermittantly without touch.

I phoned my local Game yesterday, they suggested I call Sony. I called Sony, doubting they would help - they told me to call Game again and if they have a problem get them to call Sony.

I phoned Game back, told them what Sony had said. The assistant said he'd have to speak to his manager but meanwhile would I like to buy another controller in the meantime...

They got back to me that afternoon and told me I could come and swap the controller over for a new one. I told them I was at work and I would pop over tomorrow lunchtime (today), he commented 'IF they still have stock'. I didn't feel like commenting on that at the time..

Makes me feel like rejecting the goods as unfit for purpose (can i do that?) and buying it for £400 from elsewhere online..

  Stormpool 12:19 30 Mar 07

On the positive side they replaced my controller today.

  spuds 12:31 30 Mar 07

Your contract is with the retailer, and its for the retailer to resolve any problems, more so in the first six months. Consumer law applies, and not what a shop assistant or manager may or may not imply or insist.

As you say, both you and the retailer finally dealt with the matter sensibly, and the problem as been quickly resolved.Now go ahead and enjoy your new play thing :O)

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