g40 just bought another ebay pc, its not arrived y

  g40 19:36 20 May 04

In case you saw the last thread, this one involves the purchase of a cheaper pc that ive bought from ebay, no pc yet bought and paid for on monday, ooohhhh maybe my luck has run out!
The other new one is going great, havnt had time to benchmark it yet but will soon.

  computernerdiamnot 20:50 20 May 04

Good luck g40, You are a brave person.

  g40 21:10 20 May 04

Cheers for that!
You see it worked out on the last thread, "pray for me i just bought a pc from ebay" that got 76 responses and i hope, was of some use to others but this one i aint sure about, no reply yet to an email i sent yestaerday and again tonight!!

  Steven135 21:37 20 May 04

Living on the edge must really appeal to you g40 ever thought of taking up skydiving?

  spuds 22:52 20 May 04

g40-- They tell me that a cat as nine lives.How many ebay lives do you have left (;o))

  g40 20:38 21 May 04

Got an email from the seller today telling me that he would post it tomorrow, a very brief email i may add, considering my tactfully, but firmly put email to him asking what was happening, and the delay between email and said response.
Still, maybe the lives have all run out, i guess i will have to wait a few days yet to find out??!!

  g40 20:05 24 May 04

No sign yet!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:29 24 May 04

Is there a point to this thread? Should I start a thread 'I've just ordered an R300 printer from pixmania'?


  g40 21:52 24 May 04

However lots of people are scared of ebay and buying from it, they tend to read up and listen to other peoples experience of buying in order to decide what is their best course of action when it comes to parting with their money.
Maybe one person thought it worthwhile, but.............at the same time it does lack the Le Carre style impact of some others threads i admit it.
Ooohhh, an R300, you must tell me how it goes with that!!! (Touche)

  g40 19:13 26 May 04

Oh my spirits are fading!!!
No sign, no emails, no updated payment status as requested on ebay! No nothing at all, could this be the end of my ebay buying adventures, if so i will tell you the seller to avoid!

  computernerdiamnot 19:22 26 May 04

Are you saying you have pushed your luck to far this time. EBAY EBA EB E GONE

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