fullcds legit? or am I tooo naive?!

  Sprintthegrint 18:36 24 Oct 05

I've found a site offering cheap applications.( I was actually searching for a copy of Turbocad 7'1 PRO which is very old).I did a search for them on Google to try to establish bona-fides but what came out seemed to indicate their spamming of message boards rather than any any info on the company(?).At first, because I am looking for a non-current version It seemed reasonable that they could be offering it legitimately.Now I'm not so sure and I'm even slightly nervous posting this thread in case I'm doing their work for them.Any thoughts and/or experiences gratefully received. Thanks

  Forum Editor 19:11 24 Oct 05

you're right to ask the question. Without knowing who these people are I can't give you a definitive answer I'm afraid. Suffice it to say that there are thousands of people offering cheap copies of well-known software applications, and almost without exception you should smell a huge rat.

If it was legal to sell say, Adobe Acrobat for £20 we would all be buying it, but it's not, and we're not.

  Belatucadrus 22:28 24 Oct 05

FullCDs .org & .net are both registered to Zamaev Dmitry Aleksandrovich from Smolensk. Even if he is legit, there would appear to be some potential for customer service problems.

click here

  Forum Editor 23:50 24 Oct 05

our resident master of understatement, beautifully put.

  Sprintthegrint 23:58 24 Oct 05

Smolensk hey? Sounds worrying enough for me!Thanks
Still hunting for my Turbocad I guess....

  Alan2 00:10 25 Oct 05

I've got TurboCAD 6.5 Pro doing nothing anymore if you're interested.

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