Fujitsu laptop offer at Jessops

  State Security 20:17 21 Jun 05

I've been looking everywhere for a decent, powerful laptop for work. Basically I need to do a little bit of video editing, picture manipulation - and also to run it as a standalone net server from time to time. It will travel a lot with me so needs to be robust, have good battery life, wifi - and be able to write DVDs. So not much then!

I popped into Jessops looking for a camera - and saw they have two laptops on sale - just two, mind- but they seem realy impressive to me.

I'm looking at the ultra model: click here

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts as to why I should or shouldn't go for this model, make and seller?

Any observations gratefully received!!

  spuds 20:35 21 Jun 05

Tried a Google search for the link model, and not much as appeared.

Jessop's is a first rate company with fairly good knowledgeable staff. If you find a cheaper model, they will price match, excluding grey imports.

  Access genu 21:31 21 Jun 05

I have an Fujitsu Amilo D laptop, They should do what you require. But be awre that the battery life is limited

I get approximately 1 hour from a full charge

  State Security 15:38 22 Jul 05

I went ahead and bought this model; it's a very nice machine and seems to perform as well as promised. Thanks for your tips!

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