freeRip download does not work.

  skippee 13:17 03 May 03

c/d player comes on when trying to use freeRip 2.30 from mgshareware which will not work with virtual c/d players, is it possible to disable the c/d player or is there another solution thanks jeff dunn.

  -pops- 13:24 03 May 03

"c/d player comes on when trying to use freeRip 2.30 from mgshareware"

Isn't that what it's supposed to do? Extract data from a CD?

From their website:

FreeRip is a award winning, freeware application that can record digital audio tracks directly from compact discs, without going through your sound card (this process is known as "ripping").

  skippee 16:26 03 May 03

I click onto freeRip,I put c/d into c/d rom click refresh,no tracks appear on freeRip, but cd player starts playing, it appears that freeRip does not reconise my cd player can I change my cd player by downloading a better version that will pick freeRip please help.

  -pops- 16:52 03 May 03

Ah! I see. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

There are quite a few FAQs on the website. Have you looked there for help?


  canard 22:02 03 May 03

click here
Cdex from sourceforge is good. You could try it and no loss to yourself as it is free.

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